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  • Megapops

    Pencil Winners

    John Smiths


    There’s only one way to get hold of this candy. You know what to do.

    Two pencil-winning ideas which change lives globally.

    You won’t move a muscle on these mattresses.

    Spoof product release. Original relaunched. Female-led campaign follows.

  • Joe and Nick


    Stella Artois


    I dunno. Nick’s in the bathroom and I can’t write.

    A check on power.

    Best of both.

    KFC topical.

  • Petra

    Highland spring

    Burger King

    Women's aid

    Scored 128 on an IQ pop-up ad once. Also bestselling child postcard in Sweden ’97.

    It took 400 years to perfect whisky. Give it the water it deserves.

    What better way to create brand evangelists than to start a religion?.

    138% more women are beaten up on match days. We’ll make it impossible to ignore.

  • Elliot and Rory

    Flame your ex

    Shoot Photos

    Bla Bla Car

    Purpose driven work.

    What if?

  • Rita

    Fighting for freedom

    Renewing pollution mapping techniques

    Ink for books

    Physicist by training, innovator by trade & made this website. I hope we have chemistry.

    Want to know what all the buzz was about? Meet me at portfolio day!

    Nike creates the most accurate pollution map cities have ever seen.

    Cadbury inspires kindness by giving up its ink to support local libraries.

  • Holly and Twyla

    Bedside Bullseye

    Ink for Life


    Their work has more morals than them
    Childish fun, smart thinking

    Great Ormond Street Hospital x Professional Darts Corporation.

    Give Blood.


  • Dan and Steve




    High quality advert makers.

    Cadbury proves generosity is in its blood by joining with the NHS to reward donors.

    Audible offers you a break from your inner monologue.

    eBay encourages people to declutter for their mental well-being.

  • Phil and Ads

    Phil and Ads

    Phil and Ads

    Phil and Ads

    Limited edition. In stock from July 19th. See in store for more details.

    Breathing on some of London’s streets is the same as smoking a pack of cigs. Mental.

    Feel confident and dry even when under pressure or lying.

    Slovenia looks and feels like a lot of other countries. You'd be crazy not to go.

  • James Mustoe

    James Mustoe

    James Mustoe

    James Mustoe

    Show me the briefs.

    Show me the briefs.

    Show me the briefs.

    Show me the briefs.

  • Helena and Susie




    Ready for our close up.

    How can mutual giving save lives?

    How much pretentiousness can you take?

    How do you get more of an analogue presence?

  • Jonothan




    I solve problems with creative tech. I design, animate, code, write and compose.

    Blockchain land protection. Run to binaural sound. Poachers to photographers.

    Idea and design.Making Headspace tangible, so it is valued and used more.

    Building my 3D book using IR tracking. See you at portfolio day.

  • Melina and Philly




    2 girls, 1 mac

    They see them rollin they hatin: wheel NY fix its sidewalks?

    50 and divorced: how to get back on the market

    For a longer holiday you’ll need a longer nose

  • Becky and Sara




    Two humble humans who make humorous ads in a humane way while eating hummus.

    Other people’s coughs are annoying. Help them out..

    Their eco policies are the best in the UK, but they haven’t shouted about it. Yet.

    Life doesn’t always go as planned. Use eBay to declutter your emotional baggage.

  • Ben and Helena

    Ben and Helena

    Ben and Helena

    Ben and Helena

    We’ve gone to court for memes, up Ben Nevis in 5” stilettos and now we make ads.

    Audio books have therapeutic benefits, so we’ll brand them as medicine packaging.

    Brixton legend, but not on our 8am commute. This is how we’ll fix our problem.

    St Johns is real life racing, so we’ll use gaming communities to find new drivers.

  • Zoe and Holly

    Casper Mattresses

    Innocent Bubbles


    Our names together spell ‘Hoe’, which is why we don’t have a team name.

    Bedrooms are smaller than ever, so we have to do more from our beds.

    Bubbly for kids, who feel left out at adult parties.

    Do you know what teenagers today worry about?

  • Henry




  • Rachel


    Highland spring


    Poppin bubbles across the pond and back since ‘02 but poppin out ideas since ‘94.

    Brush up on your knowledge & brush your teeth for 2 mins, like you ask the kids to.

    Whiskey is scottish, keep it that way & blend with Highland spring.

    I got 3 takeaways in my town to let people donate their free pizza to the homeless.

  • Christian

    Burger King



    Single creative here at SCA. my mission is to bring brands to life through stories.

    It was a big challenge, but the answer is now in my book. Swipe right and come see for yourself

    If you want to know how I’ve done that, swipe right and come see me.

    Wan’t to know how it is possible? And why it’s not like any other campaign. Then Swipe right.

  • Josh+Darius




    We want to make something that matters, don’t you?

    Boys starting puberty are made out of 100% curiosity.

    Could a fizzy drink sort them out?

    There's mould on the top shelf at the petrol station. Masculinity is over, at least the 1953 version.

  • Pietro and Gary

    Pietro and Gary

    Pietro and Gary

    Pietro and Gary

    2 europeans soon to be deported if you don't do something!

    2 europeans soon to be deported if you don't do something!

    2 europeans soon to be deported if you don't do something!

    2 europeans soon to be deported if you don't do something!

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